Everyone has times when they feel anxious, fearful, tense, or angry and cannot seem to break loose from such intense energies.

Ron Cruickshank Clinical Counsellor Since 2006You may be experiencing an undesirable cycle or a habit which seems to control you. Your mind may be returning again and again to review a scene from your past that brings you disturbance and upset. You may be experiencing dis-ease and need insight on how to manifest constructive change in order to set your life on a new course of abundant love, happiness and joy!

Can you find joy by analyzing darkness or acknowledging fear in yourself?
Can you experience love while acknowledging fear and emphasizing the distance?

In effective counselling, therapy and life-coaching, the focus is on allowing your innate truth and personal insight to enrich your life and relationships and help you to heal and grow in a way that is best for you. There are times when you may need personal attention in a one-on-one setting. The pace will be tailored to fit your unique needs. I want to know what your current challenges are in the area of mental and emotional health maintenance. What are your fears and frustrations? What are your goals and aspirations?

What have you done so far to try and solve your problem? How well has that worked for you? Experience proven and effective methods that will reprogram your thoughts and have a dramatic positive affect on your life’s journey. Call now for a chat and we can begin to know each other! I can offer you solutions through one-to-one therapy, couple coaching, group shared experiences and workshops, online e-courses, e-books, mental health articles and posts, self-help movies and videos….

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